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Kerb Appeal And The Well-Pruned Privet

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Ahhhh... there’s nothing says summer like the mouth-watering whiff of a boozy Barbie wafting over the wisteria – except perhaps the dry heave of hylobacter later on.

But now we can once again join hands across the hedges – though do check local guidelines – outside space has never been more important, especially when it comes to buying/selling/letting property.

Mind you it was arguably the smoking ban which proved the catalyst for our new-found appreciation of the Great Outdoors. For as chuffers huddled companionably, sharing laughs and lighters in the orange glow of the street light, too often an air of MIMO enveloped those within. Who was out in the cold now?

With not a thought then for cultural appropriation, we’re went all Scandi, throwing caution to our northerly winds, and increasingly joining that once marginalised minority al fresco.

Pavement terraces, roof-top beer gardens, even canopied car parks have been requisitioned into ‘outdoor entertainment experiences’ by eateries and watering holes keen to cash in.

But perhaps nowhere is our burgeoning appreciation of the outdoors more evident than in the property market where gardens, balconies, back yards, patios and even - if not especially – driveways are helping hike values and saleability.

According to landscaping manufacturer Marshall’s, over half of the population cite a garden as their top must-have and would even favour a house with a garden over one in a better location or one that’s bigger or with more bedrooms. Only 18% are motivated by a premium location and a miniscule 4% are bothered by size, it seems.

The result is that a well-kept garden is likely to maximise your property price potential with Marshall’s revealing that in NI it can add as much as a fifth to the average priced pile. So a garden’s not to be sniffed at – especially by hayfever sufferers.

We’re a long way behind London though where a bit of space out the back will ramp up values by an eye-watering 70%.

Driveways, though, are a different story. Here a driveway could add in value over twice what it might in the Big Smoke – though that maybe says more about our large rural population and public transport system which makes car ownership so important for so many.

So anyway, next time then you find yourself lamenting your hedge and all its hernia-inducing demands just remember... there’s nothing says summer quite like the mouth-watering whiff of potential profit that accompanies a well-pruned privet.

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