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In Defence Of Estate Agents

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We all love to complain about estate agents, but maybe we should hug one instead for this property professional and High Street stalwart always ends up with a full house.

Let’s not be coy, estate agents get a bad rap. In the latest MORI poll they were down there with the politicians and ad execs of the Underworld. But it’s undeserved – just ask Phil and Kirsty.

If the last year has taught us anything it’s that - to which every lockdown haircut will attest - some jobs are best left to the experts, and buying, selling or renting property is one of those things.

Indeed, that’s probably why almost 90% of house moves are still completed via the traditional High Street agent, according to Statista.


So why should we love our agents, or at least trust them to handle what for most of us is the biggest and longest financial commitment of our lives? With apologies to poets everywhere, let me count the ways...

  • They know the value of your property and will market it appropriately, at a level making it competitive in its area
  • They have a long database of prospective tenants to whom they can pitch your property right away and because they’re commission-based it’s in their interest to negotiate top dollar for you
  • They conduct comprehensive professional and financial background checks of prospective tenants, checking employment status through payslips for instance, and making sure guarantors are suitable, as well as securing references from a tenant’s previous landlord
  • They possess a strong awareness about tenancy laws and can help you navigate them so you’re not left open to unfair claims by a tenant
  • They know their way round the housing benefit and grant maze to ensure you and your tenant won’t miss out on any help to which you might be entitled

Finally, if the proverbial does hit the fan, they can field the frantic calls when your tenant’s toilet blocks on Boxing Day. Thanks to their little black book of reasonably priced plumbers (other trades are available) they can have you back in business in no time and leave no bad smell under your nose


Despite all this though, estate agency is one of those jobs that everyone thinks they can do themselves. How hard can it be, they declare, hammering their make-shift For Sale sign into the lawn.

And fair enough, you can have a go if you think you’re hard enough. But the proof of the pudding remains to be seen and that is that the vast, vast majority of home buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords still prefer to use their established High Street agent when it comes to sealing the deal. After all, what would they complain about if they didn’t...?


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News Story written and provided by Mandi Millar