Being an Owner

Rea Estates provides a bespoke service tailored to meet the needs of each individual client.

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The members of our team will listen to your requirements and keep you fully informed about what we're doing on your behalf. Our aim is to provide excellent service throughout the entire process, from initial instruction to final completion, and to generate the result you anticipated at the outset.

Our service includes…

  • A FREE VALUATION of your property by a professionally qualified surveyor, who is a Member of the National Association of Estate Agents (MNEA).
  • Advertising packages composed of, among other things, erection of "For Sale" boards; full-colour brochures; inclusion on Rea Estates' own website,, and; and use of social media-based publicity opportunities.
  • Matching your property with the requirements of potential buyers signed up to our database.
  • Accompanied viewings (where required), including weekends and evenings, with detailed reports on how viewers respond to the property.
  • Sales negotiation.
  • Regular progress updates.

The Sales Process

Find out how much your home is worth

Contact Rea Estates to arrange a FREE VALUATION of your property.Research the local area and check websites for similar properties already on the market. Always remember that the asking price is not necessarily the selling price.

Agree terms and marketing plan

Rea Estates will use a wide range of available media to promote your property: Full-colour brochures of the property will be developed and made available from our office and for download from our website.The property will also feature on the website's list of all available properties, supported by a detailed written description and professional-standard interior and exterior photographs. Listings will also appear on and, and we will send out email bulletins containing details of the property to potential buyers subscribed to Rea Estates' exclusive database. Attractive and eye-catching Rea Estates "For Sale" boards can be erected if desired.

Obtain an energy performance certificate

An energy performance certificate (EPC) is a compulsory document required by anybody who intends to sell, rent, or construct a property.

Create a Good Impression

Do as much as you can to make sure your home looks its very best for photographs and viewings. First impressions and 'kerb appeal' are everything when it comes to property.

Appoint a solicitor

You should appoint a solicitor capable of carrying out all legal work necessary on your behalf.

Negotiating and Accepting an Offer

After an offer is received on your property, you can expect to have to negotiate on price. Rea Estates will make all necessary checks to ensure the would-be buyer is in a position to proceed with the purchase. If you choose to accept an offer, our team will take responsibility for drawing up the paperwork required by your solicitor.

Exchanging Contracts

At this point in the process, you become legally committed to sell your property to the buyer. Contracts are exchanged once all the requirements have been confirmed and agreed by both parties.

Set a completion date

A date on which to complete the sale of the property is usually agreed prior to the exchange of contracts.

Let all relevant parties know that you're moving

Prepare for your move by setting up redirection of your mail a few weeks in advance to begin on the day you leave your current property. It is also advisable to take meter readings for gas and electricity and leave copies for the new owner.


For completion, you as the seller bring your house keys to our office. Once Rea Estates has received authorization from your solicitor that the funds have been transferred, we will release the keys to the buyer.

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